Water Ingress through the Bulkhead

After having fixed the problem of water leaks around the 'A' frame and window/door seals (see Door / window seals ), it became obvious after several bouts of heavy rain, that water was getting in somewhere else.

Click to enlarge Remove the inspection panel on the central console just above floor level in the RHD driver footwell.

Click to enlarge I found that water was slowly coming down in both the corners where the front bulkhead joins to the inner wing. Looking up under the dashboard, it was possible to see evidence of water and dirt coming in at the top edge of the folds.

Click to enlarge This area, in relationship to the outer surface viewed from under the bonnet, appears to be just inboard of the bonnet hinges, but there was no clear or visible evidence of where the water was getting through.

In an effort to stop this, I have silicone sealed the hole on the inside, and applied sealant around all the corner and panel joints next to the hinges

I was also concerned that changing the 'A' frame seal had led to water entering the 'A' frame itself. There are 2 plastic studs, one at each top corner of the 'A' frame that are used to locate the seal. These studs enter into the 'A' frame itself and could allow water entry, so I applied sealant under the leading edge of the seal right across the windscreen top and several inches down each side.

Overall, these actions seemed to have stopped the water entry, but I will have to wait until more heavy weather to be sure.
I would like to hear from anybody who has a similar problem or any ideas as to how this is really happening