Fitting Heated Screen Jets

If you ever have suffered from frozen windscreen water jets, then you should consider fitting Rover's Heated Washer Jets. As soon as your ignition is on, they are effective, far better that some other less costly kits, which rely upon the coolant water to heat the jets. Cold engine = frozen jets!

The Rover kit includes everything you need, including clear multi-lingual instructions on how to fit them.

Part Number: VUB100220 at a cost of 41.51 inc VAT (Nov 2001)

The kit is designed to fit both left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles, and includes new jets, piping, wiring, connectors, split cable-tubing (to keep wires tidy) and tie-wraps. Apart from a spanner to disconnect the battery, the only extra tools you will need are a crimp tool and heater-gun for the shrink-wrap. In total, it will take about 30 minutes to fit.

Click to enlarge The only added comment I will make is that, after following the instructions, I found that there was a tendency for the combined cabling and water pipe to curl towards and on top of the bonnet light switch near the left-hand bonnet hinge (when facing the front of the car) as I closed the bonnet. An extra tie-wrap to pull it clear soon sorted out that problem.

Click to enlarge The rest of the cabling is tie-wrapped to the piping as it crosses the rear underside edge of the bonnet.

Whilst instructions come with the pack, you can download the following PDF files to see what to expect.