Fixing hardtop storage brackets

A good storage method for your hardtop during the summer months is the only way to ensure that it stays undamaged. If you have the space, then it is possible to purchase a specially designed trolley used both for storage and moving the hardtop around. Others have developed hoists to lift it up into the ceiling space in their garages, but if you have the wall space, by far the easiest and cheapest method is to use a set of hanging brackets.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge These can be screwed to your garage wall, thereby keeping the hardtop up out of harms way.

Part Number: VUB101340 21.03 as of February 2004

Full instructions come with the brackets, though they do not suggest the height off the ground that the brackets should be fixed. This is obviously greatly dependant upon the individual and the space available, but remember that the weight of the hardtop is quite significant and really needs two people to hang it safely. The brackets are designed to let the hardtop hang vertically as near to the wall as possible, and therefore this tends to make hooking the clamps onto the brackets a little difficult.

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Download this file  Brackets1.pdf
Download this file  Brackets2.pdf

However, if you have the facilities and are inclined to make your own, then you can download the dimensions from here.

Download this file  BracketDimensions.pdf