Removing the dashboard air vents

If you ever need to remove the air vents, it is quite easy to do. They can easily be prised out without damaging them or the dashboard.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Ideally, use wooden spatulas or something similar. If you use a screwdriver, make sure it is wide bladed. The vents are held in place by spring loaded clips, so gently prising around these areas will release the clips, and the vents can then be withdrawn.

If you need access to the internal vanes, then the front section of the vent is held in place by moulded clips and can gently prised off. Be aware that the internal vanes are held in place by the front cover, so they will be quite loose once that cover is removed.

Wiring behind the Radio

Click to enlarge It is also worth remembering that if you need to get access to the wires at the back of the radio or CD player, then removing the central air vent allows you to both see the wires and enough room to get your hand in to reach the wires. The looms that are at the back of the radio can get trapped between the radio/CD player and the support box, which can lead to the wires chaffing and electrically shorting. It can also help you to locate the support rubber or pin that is usually fitted to the rear face of a radio, into the support hole at the back of the box.