Roll Hoops and the Bulkhead Finisher

When fitting Roll Hoops to your car, it is not always easy to get a perfect finish to the holes that have to be drilled through the Bulkhead Finisher ( the vinyl cover over the T-Bar ) and you can end up with small gaps around the hoops, which are emphasised by the light coloured base material under the top surface of the vinyl, leaving the whole arrangement looking a little untidy.

One way to improve the appearance is to fit 'O' ring seals or something similar onto the roll bars before they are fitted. These can then be rolled down to lie flush with the bulkhead finisher, hiding any discrepancies. Unfortunately for me, this was something that I had to do after the roll hoops had been completely fitted - I didn't notice the poor edges and gaps around the holes until I got the car home.

The seals I used are actually washbasin bottle-trap sealing rings, obtainable from any good d.i.y. or plumbing store. My solution was to cut the ring seals with a very sharp knife, fit them around each of the hoops and super-glue them back together. Dependant upon the size of seal you use, you might need to hold the joint together with cello tape whilst the glue sets. Also, slip a piece of paper or tape under the seal whilst gluing them to prevent the possibility of the seal sticking to the vinyl.

Once fitted and glued in place, the whole effect looks much neater. Click the image below to enlarge.

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