Rusty Lower Front Suspension Arm

As with all cars, the MGF is succeptable to rust, but I was surprised to see, when replacing my front discs, just how badly the front lower suspension arm had suffered.

Click to enlarge The construction of the arm is made by a preformed pressed steel section being wrapped, or doubled over the pivot bearings, and then spot and seam welded. To give it extra strength, the central areas on both the top and lower face are bulbous, making the whole structure quite hollow.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Unfortuneatly, there are 2 holes either side of the pivot pin, which allow water to enter. I suppose the theory is that if water can get in, it will also get out, but I suspect that because of the almost horizontal angle that the arm is in under normal driving, then the water stays in and rusts the arm away.

Click to enlarge If ever there was a case for squirting WaxOyl into a hidden area through those holes then this is one.