Hood or soft-top jamming when being lowered

The hood or soft-top on the MGF has a habit of jamming when you come to lower it, especially on older cars or ones that have not had the extra little bit of attention to keep the hood hinges oiled.

Click to enlarge The second fold or bar, looking from the front edge, tends to lean too far forward as you drop the hood, and gets trapped under the leading edge of the hood. The problem lies in the fact that the design includes a couple of elastic straps intended to pull that 2nd fold or bar backwards to prevent this happening, but with age, the elastic gets stretched or too weak to pull the bar back enough, or the hinges are seizing up with lack of lubrication!

If, when sitting in the car, look above your head, and feel behind the webbing that runs front to back on either side - there should be a narrow band of elastic tape sewn in above the webbing.

First thing to do is to make sure all the hood hinges are lubricated.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Then, when dropping the hood, get hold of the leading edge with one hand and the second bar or fold with the other, and simply move the 2nd bar backwards, keeping it about half way between the leading edge and the 3rd bar as you lower the hood.